HIPPO'S HEAD | 50 x 26 x 33 CM.

66,500.00 ฿

Hippo's Head


From Ancient Greek "Hippopotamus" meaning « Water Horse », the Hippopotamus is one of the largest and most dangerous animal in Africa, and it nearest kin is in fact...whales! Very sociable and living in groups, hippopotamuses can weigh up to 4500 kg and can reach up to 5 meters in length.
Ours, admittedly of a more modest size, is still quite impressive by the beauty of its lustrous bronze-like patina, and the elegance of its bearing. The originality of this terracotta sculpture, rests in it unusual representation : the artist has only sculpted the part of the body emerging from the water, mouth wide open! Guaranteeed decorative effect on a sideboard !

Please note : This terracotta sculpture is freezing.

Product Size : 50 x 26 x 33 CM.

Product Code : G010812