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From the Queen of Sheba’s kingdom, an exceptional collection of iconic steles from the 3rd and 1st century BC. These steles are what remains from the forgotten civilizations of the South Arabian Coast, and more specifically from Yemen, a centuries old land with dream-like landscapes and a unique architecture, unequalled in the world. For many, it is the country of incense, of the « trans-Saharan trade routes » and the land of the Sultans.
Hand- sculpted in sandstone by our craftsmen, the steles were originally pillars. Rectangular in shape, showing stylized faces, they were sometimes engraved with their owner’s name.
These faces, always front-facing, showed a straight nose, with a brow line in strong relief framing almond-shaped eyes and a small mouth with pursed lips.
The way they are stylized is remarkably abstract and their primitive look has inspired more than one modern artist. The patina and time’s wear and tear are expertly reproduced in our workshops to look natural. They each are presented on a matt black « museum style » pedestal.

Material : Stone

Color : Natural

Size : 18.89" X 12.59" X 5.90"

Product Code : G010357